BBC Weather 5 Day Forecast

The BBC Weather 5 day forecast covers both UK weather and weather around the world. It includes the type of weather, for example if it will be cloudy, or sunny, heavy rain or snow etc, the maximum and minimum temperatures the wind speed (in miles per hour) and humidity pressure and visibility. If you’re looking for weather on the same day you can use the BBC’s 24 hour weather forecast to get a more detailed forecast including how the weather will change and develop throughout the day.

How To Find The BBC 5 day Weather Forecast

To find the BBC 5 day weather forecast go to and you’ll be redirected to the new BBC Weather news page. For the UK 5 day weather forecast enter a post code, city name, town, county or country in the orange text box and click search. For a world 5 day weather forecast, click the radio button that says world on the weather search and type in the name of a country or city (if you’re not staying in a city the nearest city to your destination) and click search.

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