UK Long Range Weather Forecast

Looking for the UK Long Range Weather Forecast? The good news is there are plenty of get resources out there for UK seasonal forecasts, UK monthly forecasts and UK long range weather forecasts covering periods of 10 days, 14 days, 15 days and more. The bad news is long range weather forecasts tend not to be very accurate. To give you the best chance of finding out the UK long range weather forecast we’ve collected a number of weather resources, some of which use different data to give a more diverse range of forecasts.

Net Weather

Net Weather‘s UK long range weather forecast provides predicted weather forecasts up to 4 months in the future. The forecast is updated every month to keep it up-to-date and is based on the latest long range data from the NCEP. Net Weather’s own long range weather forecast system and software is used to provide the results. You can view Net Weather’s UK forecast here.

Exacta Weather

Exacta Weather provide seasonal UK forecasts for up to two seasons i.e. Autumn and Winter, Spring and Summer or Summer and Autumn.

Exacta Weather’s UK long range forecast. Below is a the Exacta Weather’s forecast as a video.

The Weather Outlook

The Weather Outlook’s UK seasonal weather forecast includes a forecast for weather up to 3 months in advance including average temperature, rainfall and a comparison for typical weather for each month.

Positive Weather Solutions

Positive Weather Solutions provide a short long range weather forecast for the UK and Ireland.

Wise Weather

Wise Weather’s monthly forecasts offer a retrospective look at the previous month’s weather and including forecast images and data.

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